First Aid and CPR Training

Develop your ability to react to an emergency with confidence.

Know what to do until paramedics arrive.

 You can save a life, reduce suffering and promote healing.

A Workplace Injury


Realistic Scenario Training

Training scenarios using theatrical blood and injuries.

Hands on training - learn by doing.

Paramedic instructors. Exciting learning environment. 

Emergency Response Team

A Team Approach To First Aid In The Workplace

We train first aiders to work together as a Team, solve problems and effectively manage time. Responding to a serious medical emergency is frightening, especially when you know the patient. Complicating matters are all of the tasks that must be done at virtually the same time: Calling out the Team; Making the scene safe; Getting equipment to the scene; Calling 9-1-1; Guiding paramedics and firefighters to the patient; providing effective first aid - the list goes on and on.

Our Code Eight First Aid and CPR Training is designed to get people working together, reduce stress and efficiently manage the emergency scene. A First Aid Team is more than several first aiders. Teamwork requires clearly defined roles assigned to trained individuals who effectively communicate with each other to achieve goals.  

Creating a First Aid Team means investing in the Team Members. Any effective Team regularly practices their skills. Meeting often and running scenarios in the workplace builds confidence and keeps the Team Members' skills sharp. A First Aid Team is up for the challenge when the real emergency occurs.

Code Eight

First Aid and CPR Training

Emergency Response Program


Regulation 1101 requires all employers to provide first aid at the workplace. Simple compliance means taking a WSIB approved First Aid and CPR Training course. But not all courses are created equal. Many first aid courses are certificate mills. Sadly, first aid has become a commodity. High quality First Aid and CPR Training can make the difference between life and death. When the stakes are that high you want a well trained and competent First Aid Team. 

Faced with a seriously ill or injured worker, is your company really prepared to handle the emergency? Suddenly time is of the essence and questions of life and death are no longer theoretical. Seconds count.

As paramedics we understand the problem and have crafted a series of interrelated solutions. A well designed Emergency Medical Response Plan includes well equipped first aid kits and effective First Aid and CPR Training. In effect, every company should be capable of implementing a planned response to any medical emergency. While at first glance this may sound expensive, in fact, we usually lower overall first aid costs.

The Golden Hour

Crucial Sixty Minutes Between Time Of Injury and Surgery

Dr. R Adams Cowley, the father of modern emergency medical care, discovered that a seriously injured patient's best chance is directly related to rapid surgical intervention. He discovered that when a patient can be under a surgeon's knife within sixty minutes of their injury there is an 85% chance of survival. Using this knowledge Dr. Cowley 'invented' paramedics. He built the world's first trauma centre (Shock Trauma) in Baltimore Maryland. Finally, he created the world's first Emergency Medical Services System (EMS).

First Aiders are in charge of The Golden Hour. An Emergency Medical Response Plan is really a time management tool. Our Code Eight First Aid and CPR Training is based on a basic understanding of Shock. Emergmart's goal is to help employers put in place all of the elements needed to save life, reduce suffering and promote healing. After all, the most important asset of any company is its' workers.

Ambulance Response

Regulation 1101 Pamphlet

WSIB Approved Training

Workplace First Aid and CPR Training and equipment is regulated in the Province of Ontario by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (W.S.I.B.) under Regulation 1101 of the Ontario Health and Safety Act. Our Code Eight First Aid and CPR Training programs are W.S.I.B approved ( It is important to confirm that your training organization is WSIB approved. All workplaces must have, at a minimum, first aid equipment and supplies based on the number of workers present on any one shift at a place of employment. Click here to see the regulations.

WSIB First Aid and CPR Training requirements are based on the number of workers on a shift at one place. Emergency First Aid  is the minimum requirement for employers with one to 5 workers on a shift. Standard First Aid  is the required training for every employer with six or more workers on a shift. Both courses include Adult CPR and basic introduction to Automated External Defibrillators. Level C and Health Care Provider CPR is also available.

Emergency First Aid is a very basic one-day course. We always recommend upgrading to the Standard First Aid two-day course. Consider this: if the company grows to over five workers, the Emergency First Aid certification is no longer valid. A better reason to upgrade to Standard First Aid is considerably more training and realistic scenarios. Our scenarios provide the real world training to effectively deal with a serious emergency.