Adult CPR Course

General Information

Course:                   Adult Heartsaver CPR

Duration:                 3 - 4 hours

Requirements:        Attendance, Demonstrate Skills

Certification:           3 Years - Annual CPR Recertification Recommended

Instructor:               Paramedic

Included:                Wallet Certificate

CPR Training

All Courses Include Basic Introduction to the AED. Group rates are up to 12 participants. Wallet Certificate.
Adult CPR         Group $ 450.00    Individual $ 45.00 each
Group Rate is up to 12 participants.

Adult CPR Course Content

This hands-on, practical course teaches students to respond in heart related emergencies. Approximately 130 Canadians die every day from Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The heart has stopped beating. Oxygenated blood is not being pumped to the vital organs. Without immediate help death is certain within three to four minutes. Using the practical skills from this course students will be able provide first aid to provide lifesaving first aid. Our CPR and Automated External Defibrillation (AED) program, using Preston Manikins, prepares the student to deliver High Quality CPR. We also cover the basic use of an AED. (Those who have access to an AED should take one of our full AED training programs.)

We also cover clearing an obstructed airway in our choking segment. Other topics include heart attack, angina and stroke.

Many students are concerned about the legal issues of providing first aid. We explain the Good Samaritan Act which protect the rescue from legal action.