Emergency First Aid and CPR Course

General Information

Course:                    Emergency First Aid and Adult CPR

Regulation 1101:     1 to 5 Employees

Duration:                 1 Day (Eight Hours)

Requirements:        100% Attendance, Demonstrate Skills, Written Test

Certification:           3 Years First Aid and CPR

                               (Annual CPR Recertification Recommended)

Instructor:               Paramedic

Included:                Student First Aid Manual, Wallet Certificate

Emergency First Aid

One Day (8 hours). All Courses Include Basic Introduction to the AED. Group rates are up to 12 participants. Full Colour Student First Aid Manual, Wallet and Wall Certificate.

Adult CPR Group       $ 750.00 Individual    $ 75.00 each

Level 'C' CPR Group  $ 850.00 Individual    $ 85.00 each

*HCP CPR Group       $ 950.00 Individual    $ 95.00 each

*Healthcare Provider CPR

Group Rate is up to 12 participants.

Emergency First Aid

Emergency First Aid Content

Emergency First Aid is a WSIB approved training course. Emergency First Aid is specified in Regulation 1101 for employers with five or fewer workers on a shift. Security Guards, taxicab drivers and several other occupations require this level of training for certification and/or licensing.

Students will learn to control serious bleeding and bandage wounds. Using the practical skills from this course students will be able to recognize life threatening choking and clear the obstructed airway. Sudden Cardiac Arrest is a serious life threat. Our CPR and Automated External Defibrillation program, using Preston Manikins, prepares the student to deliver High Quality CPR. Many students are concerned about the legal issues of providing first aid. We explain the Good Samaritan Act which protect the rescuer of legal action. We cover emergency medical situations such as heart attack, angina, stroke, asthma, epilepsy and allergic reactions. Many other topics including fainting, animal bites, burns and spinal cord injuries.

Emergmart takes rescuer safety very seriously. We discuss Emergency Scene Management and biohazard protection strategies.