Nylon First Aid Kit

Nylon First Aid Kit Bag


First Aid Kits in the Workplace

Occupational Health and Safety laws require First Aid Kits meet minimum standards at every workplace. Each province and territory has its' own regulations. Some workplaces come under federal requirements. Before buying first aid equipment make sure that it complies with applicable law. Employers have a legal duty to comply with health and safety laws. Some provinces, such as Ontario, have antiquated regulations. Many new products have come to market since the legislation was first enacted. An example is gauze bandage rolls. These cotton bandages are stiff and difficult to work with. We recommend conforming bandage rolls instead. Remember, your kits must meet the minimum standards. Modernizing your First Aid Kit with these more efficient products will provide better first aid care. Depending on your industry you may also need some specialized items such as burn dressings. Emergmart has developed three lines of First Aid Kits:

  • Standard: Contains exactly the minimum requirements
  • Deluxe:     Improved products replace less efficient ones plus additional useful items
  • Premium:  Our very best first aid kit containing items specified by our paramedics

WSIB Regulation 1101 specifies what is required in Ontario (see Ontario Regulations) Follow this link to the WSIB site for more information. (www.wsib.on.ca)

When choosing a First Aid Kit consider where it will be placed. Plastic, metal and nylon kit containers each have pros and cons. Getting the right kit container for your environment will save money in the long run.


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