Humpty Dumpty Sat On A Wall

Humpty Dumpty Had A Great Fall

All The Kings Horses

And All The Kings Men

Had Scrambled Eggs For Breakfast


Egg 01


Humpty Dumpty Fell Off A Wall

Why was Humpty Dumpty on the wall? Why wasn't there a barrier device to prevent falls? And, most importantly, did Humpty Dumpty have fall arrest equipment and was he properly trained for the work in which he was engaged prior to that fateful fall.

The Ministry of Labour is investigating.


Humpty Dumpty Couldn't Be Saved

Of course he couldn't be saved - he was an egg. (Actually he was a cannon, but an egg works much better here than a cannon.) When that egg cracked no bandage could save it. We have no first aid for chicken eggs!

But we can save people by being proactive. First and most important is proper safety equipment, training and procedures to prevent the injury from happening in the first place. Secondly is being reactive when the incident does occur. Our Code Eight First Aid and CPR training is designed to enable a confident, effective and appropriate response to sudden illness or injury. Our Emergmart First Aid Kits are designed to put the best first aid materials in the hands of the rescuer.

Emergmart is proud to deliver a total emergency response solution.