Ontario  No 10 Premium First Aid Kit Station

Regulation 1101 Premium First Aid Station

Regulation 1101 Premium First Aid Station


Ontario No 10 Premium First Aid Station

Regulation 1101 (10) 16 - 199 workers Station must include a No 10 First Aid Kit, stretcher, 2 blankets, WSIB Form 7 and First Aid Certificates. First Aid Stations should be within a one to two minute walk of any point

- Premium No 10 First Aid Kit, Cut Kit

- Biohazard Kit, WSIB Form 7

- First Aid Station Sign 4" X 36"


Ontario No 10 Premium First Aid Station

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Note: Stretcher and Two Blankets Sold Separately (see below) 

First Aid Station Package #1

First Aid Station Package #2

First Aid Station Package #3

Ontario No 10 Premium First Aid Kit

Ontario Regulation 1101 First Aid Kit

The Ontario No 10 Premium First Aid Kit contains all of the emergency supplies a First Aid Team needs to handle a serious injury. Designed by paramedics, this kit is very practical and highly efficient. Use the Cut Kit for everyday cuts and scrapes. Reserve this kit for responding to true medical emergencies.

Every Item Is Labeled

2" Komform Bandage Roll

Our Deluxe and Premium First Aid Kits include a Contents List attached to the inside lid of plastic and metal kits and on a laminated sheet for nylon response kits.  Every item is clearly labeled with an item description and re-order part number, which corresponds to the Contents List.

Our system makes it easy to reorder exactly what is needed to restock your first aid kits

Emergmart First Aid Kits:

Better by Design

Why are Emergmart First Aid Kits better than other kits on the market? Our paramedics have selected the very best first aid supplies to be included in our Deluxe and Premium First Aid Kits.

Emergmart First Aid Kits exceed the requirements of Regulation 1101. When responding to a medical emergency you need the most effective and easiest to apply first aid products.

Superior First Aid Supplies

- Conforming Bandages not gauze rolls

- 4" X 4" Gauze Pads not 3" X 3"

- Fabric Adhesive Bandages not plastic

- 5" X 9" Abdominal Pads not 4" compress bandages

- SAM (Pre-padded) Splints in Premium Kits

- Foil Blankets, Emesis Bags, Eye Pads

- 4" X 4" Waterjel Burn Dressings

- Bandages Scissors, Paramedic Shears

- Kelly Clamps, Disposable Penlight

- Nitrile Gloves, Face Mask/Eye Shield

- Kit Inspection Sticker

- Injury Report Forms

- High Quality Metal Box with Handle

- Click for Contents List

First Aid Kit Plan

Workplace injuries are almost always minor. Clean the wound with a BZK antiseptic towelette and cover with an adhesive bandage and we're done. That being the case, does it make any sense to keep the minor first aid supplies in the First Aid Kit?  We recommend a First Aid Kit for serious emergencies and a Cut Kit for everyday cuts and scrapes.

Over the years we couldn't help but notice that our customers buy lots of bandages and other supplies yet have not recorded any serious injuries. When we inspect their First Aid Kits we often find the kits almost empty. Just as worrisome we find blood stains in the kits, which is a very serious biohazard.

Here is our simple First Aid Kit Plan:

1. Seal all First Aid Kits. Explain to your staff that these kits are for serious emergencies only.  By sealing the kits the First Aid Team will have everything they need to treat a serious injury.

2. Use a Cut Kit for the minor injuries. The Cut Kit contains various adhesive bandages and antiseptics. Depending on the industry, some Cut Kits will also have minor burn packets such as Cool Jel.

3. Cut Kits should have minimal supplies. We package adhesive bandages in bags of 25 and BZK antiseptics in bags of 18.

Simplified Kit Maintenance

Deluxe and Premium Kits include a Kit Inspection Sticker. As long as the seal is not broken there is no need to do a physical inventory of the kit. Date and initial the Inspection Sticker and you are done! This simple system reduces costs (less time checking kits, less pilferage and less waste), keeps the kits fully stocked and ready to respond.

Cut Kit

Cut Kits, as the name implies, are used to treat minor injuries, such as cuts and scrapes. Having a Cut Kit available in every department or area of the facility helps to reduce potential biohazard contamination. The closer the Cut Kit the less travel an injured person has to go to get a bandage and antiseptic.

Emergmart Cut Kits contain 25 each: Fabric Adhesive Strips, Fabric Small and Large Fingertip and Fabric Knuckle Bandages as well as 18 BZK antiseptic towellettes. Additional items such as Cool Jel may be added as required.

Biohazard Kit

Biohazards are potentially infected materials such as blood, urine, vomit, feces, diarrhea and many other bodily fluids. Whenever there is a spill of these materials it is essential to properly clean the area. Emergmart's Biohazard Response Kit includes a Face Mask/Eye Shield, nitrile gloves and a plastic apron to protect the worker. Also included is a packet of Red-Z (fluid solidifier), scoop/scraper, disposal bags, and a disinfectant/deodorizer/cleaner.

Stretchers & Blankets

Regulation 1101 (10) requires a stretcher and two blankets. We sell stretchers to help our customers stay in compliance with the Act. We also urge our customers to NEVER use the stretcher. Ontario first aid regulations were written decades before modern emergency medicine. Todays paramedics are trained and equipped to safely move patients. We also highly recommend only using yellow disposable blankets.