If your goal is to provide as much assistance as possible to the ill or injured person until paramedics take over, then you have come to the right web site. EmergMart has the very best Deluxe and Premium First Aid Kits available. Why? Because our kits have been designed by paramedics to give the rescuer the best first aid tools available.

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Occupational Health and Safety laws require First Aid Kits meet minimum standards at every workplace. Each province and territory has its’ own regulations. Some workplaces come under federal requirements. Before buying first aid equipment make sure that it complies with applicable law.

First aid kits should contain simple, yet highly effective first aid supplies. As paramedics we have actually used the products we sell. Using this knowledge we carefully selected first aid items that provide the best possible patient care at a reasonable cost.

Suddenly a heart stops beating. There is no warning. An electrical disturbance in the heart muscle stops the heart from pumping vital blood. Without a fresh supply of oxygenated blood the brain dies within minutes. Tragically because this is a treatable epidemic. Rapid CPR and an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) could have made the outcome different.

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We are passionate about helping people survive their sudden medical emergency.

Reduce Suffering

We are passionate about relieving suffering as much as we possibly can.

Promote Healing

We are passionate about doing things right so that the victim of sudden illness or injury recovers to the maximum extent possible.


First Aid training and kits must be provided by every employer under WSIB Regulation 1101. How many kits and trained individuals depends on the workplace. The key consideration is rapidly getting help to the ill or injured worker. One rule of thumb is that responders along with their equipment can arrive within two minutes. Another is that ten to twenty percent of the workforce be trained. When planning emergency response at work consider obstacles that slow the Team down. Locked areas, staircases, walls etc. should be taken into account. As this is part of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, failure to comply can result in severe penalties.