First Aid Kits

EmergMart First Aid Kits

The Rescuer’s Tool Box

Just as the mechanic needs the right tools for the job, the First Aider needs the right supplies to render effective First Aid. Regulation 1101, in the Province of Ontario, was passed into law over one-hundred years ago, and governs the supplies required in First Aid Kits. High-quality First Aid supplies available today weren’t even dreamed of back then.

Emergmart First Aid Kits comply with, and exceed these regulations, containing the emergency products in use by paramedic and fire services. We never pack our supplies in little cardboard boxes. We understand that First Aid Kits are for emergencies, so every item in an

Emergmart First Aid Kit is clearly labelled and in plain view. We take a lot of pride in our products. All of our First Aid Kits have an individual serial number and are delivered with a component list signed by the person who packed the kit.

Purchase The Right First Aid Kit Container

Metal boxes are water and dust resistant, especially those with a gasket. Choose metal boxes for high impact environments such as vehicles, factories, warehouses, construction, forestry and other natural resource workplaces. Although costlier than plastic, metal boxes are built to last for many years of service.

Plastic boxes are lighter weight and work well in low humidity, temperature controlled environments like offices, stores, homes and other similar applications. Moisture is absorbed in plastic so they are not reliable in high humidity situations. Generally, plastics do not last more than five years, especially if exposed to sunlight. Plastic boxes are fine for infrequent use, however the clasps tend to break easily.

Health Canada Medical Device
Establishment License

Emergmart maintains a Health Canada Medical Device Establishment License which requires procedures to ensure compliance with the regulations and includes Health Canada inspections and audits.

License number #345678

Wide Variety of First Aid Kit Applications

Ontario Food Services First Aid Kits

EmergMart helps to enhance safety in Ontario’s food service industry with specialized first aid kits – designed to meet industry standards and ensure a secure dining and food environment.

Biohazard Kits

EmergMart biohazard First Aid Kit – Safeguard against biohazards with our comprehensive biohazard kit a critical solution for the proper handling and disposal of potentially dangerous materials.

Burn Kits

EmergMart Burn First Aid kit your comprehensive solution for prompt and effective care designed to alleviate discomfort and promote optimal healing in burn injuries.

Control The Bleed Kits

EmergMart Control The Bleed First Aid kit – a crucial resource for rapid response and effective management in emergency situations.  Promoting safety and well-being

Cut Kits

EmergMart Cut First Aid kit – swiftly address cuts and wounds with our specialized Cut First Aid Kits -equipped with essential supplies to quick healing and infection prevention.

Home & Auto Kits

EmergMart Home and Auto First Aid kits – secure peace of mind on the go with the EmergMart Home and Auto First Aid Kit – a compact yet comprehensive solution for addressing minor injuries and unexpected emergencies wherever life takes you.

Truck First Aid Kits

EmergMart Truck First Aid Kit -navigate the road confidently with the EmergMart Truck first Aid kit for on-the-go safety, ensuring that you are prepared for emergencies during your journeys.

EmergMart First Aid, CPR and AED Training