Blue Metal Detectable Adhesive Bandages

Blue Metal Detectable Adhesive Bandages are specifically made for the food services industry. Regular tan coloured bandages often blend in with foods. Should a regular fall into a food product it will probably go unnoticed until it arrives on a consumer’s plate. Blue metal detectable adhesive bandages are highly visible so that they are immediately apparent. Blue metal detectable adhesive bandages are easily detected on a properly equipped food manufacturing line.

Additional protection is provided when food services worker protect bandages by either a blue nitrile glove or blue finger cots. At present, finger cots are most often latex, so care must be used should the worker have a latex allergy.

High Quality. Latex Free. Made in Canada. Blue metal detectable bandages are an essential part of treating minor cuts. scrapes and burns. Skin injuries provide a gateway for bacteria to enter the body which could result in infection. Made with a combination cotton/rayon woven material in an open weave construction allowing air flow for faster healing. These adhesive bandages are water resistant with a strong adhesive to keep the bandage in place for an entire shift and longer. A highly absorbent, non-adhering pad is placed in the centre of the adhesive bandage to further protect the wound from infection. Adhesive bandages should be changes at least daily. When working in a dirty environment we suggest covering and protecting the bandaged injury with a nitrile glove.


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