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The More You Know

Add more training programs to your account to optimize your learning experience. The more your learn, the more people you can help. We have a variety of certifications that can make you stand out on a resume, but most importantly, make a true difference!

Secure Your Account with the Following Tips

Sometimes a username and password is hard to remember. If you’re going to write it down, keep that information safe and secure behind additional security measures. 

There are smartphone apps available made especially for keeping passwords safe. Try it out!

Be aware of using your login credentials while using public wifi. Hackers like to hang out where online security is more vulnerable. 

Also, lurkers may see you type in your username and password, then record it to later access your account. You may choose to put a protective film over your screen to stop people from looking at your info from beside or above you. 

Your password should contain upper lase and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. It should be a minimum of 8 characters long. 

There are online resources available to show how long it will take for hacking bots to eventually get into your account. You may choose to use these to come up with a very strong password.

Fido’s name isn’t a good password. Using pets, or even your first name, last name, or birthday are too easy to guess. 

Your password should be referencing information that only you should know. Never put hints to your password online, even in trending social media posts asking you to use your personal info.

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