Active Shooter/Attacker

Active Shooter/Attacker

Protecting people in an Active Shooter/Attacker incident requires careful planning and regular training.

Our program starts with an analysis of the organization’s particular needs and a hazard assessment.

Involving stakeholders from different aspects of the organization is important in the planning process and for ongoing evaluation and updating the plan to meet changing needs.

Enhancing physical attributes to stop or at least slow down an attacker is critical to success as is involving local law enforcement and other emergency services.

Training all staff and the entire community on an ongoing basis is another key to success. Include regular drills and table top exercises with you planning committee.

Active Shooter/Attacker is a custom program. Please call to discuss your needs.

(800) 203-4709

Need a Reason?

In the Greater Toronto Area, including Markham, multiple shootings happen every week. Some occur in the heart of Toronto. Some even happen right next door. It's not just areas prone to gun violence that see shootings, but areas that are typically quiet and peaceful. Visit Global News Toronto for most recent articles regarding shootings in the GTA:

Shooting inside Toronto High School

February 14th 2022 – David and Mary Thompson Collegiate

Student shoots schoolmate in deadly attack. Victim was an 18-year old male. Event took place over 2 hours and suspect has fled the scene. MPP Mitzi Hunter reported, “In Scarborough alone, gun violence has increased by 33 per cent this year and it’s having devastating effects on our community.”

Hunter calls upon the provincial government to fund education programs to allow for at-risk youths to have more positive outcomes. 


Shooting Hits Multiple on Deadly Father’s Day

June 19th, 2022 – Humber Boulevard, near Weston Road and Black Creek Drive

Violent attack leaves one man dead, and seven others injured, including two teenage boys. A total of 15 shots went off causing people at scene to be rushed to hospital in critical condition. Suspect has yet to be identified. 

Those affected by the shooting are receiving ongoing support.