Training Safety Plans

Course Safety Plan

Get informed of our training program safety protocols. COVID-19 is just the latest pandemic to strike our world. It won’t be the last. We therefore will continue with our biohazard protection policies even when COVID-19 is solidly in the rear-view mirror.

We take safety very seriously. Please read our standard training safety commitment before registering for a course. 

  • New surgical, 3 layer mask must be worn at all times
  • Vinyl or nitrile gloves must be worn for practice sessions
  • Hands must be sanitized with provided hand cleaner
  • Participants must fill out a self assessment form
  • Temperatures will be recorded
  • Equipment must be sanitized with hospital grade disinfectant
  • Reduced class size and hours as required
  • Discard all first aid materials

Pre Course Considerations

  • CPR is a very strenuous activity
  • Consult physician or nurse practitioner before taking the in-person program
  • Wear comfortable old clothing and footwear
  • Some courses use theatrical blood and makeup
  • Clothes may become stained
  • Please advise of any potential allergy

Scenario Safety Considerations

  • Wear required personal protective equipment
  • Follow all safety rules/regulations
  • Ensure all power is off/locked out
  • Management approval of scenario sites
  • Post safety monitors as required

We've Got Signs for all places

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Ontario Covid19 Protocols

Learn more about provincial regulations regarding the pandemic.